Deke Silverman - Psalms of David Ministries


Together we can do great things for God!

  Your Part  Prayer is the foundation to every success in God. One part you have as a partner is to pray for Joy and me.  Also, Your monthly financial partnership toward the vision of this ministry is vital. Your faithful monthly giving of any amount helps us fulfill our vision to preach the Good news of Jesus Christ around the world!
  Our Part   We commit to impart a fresh Word to you in due season. Our meetings, emails, cd's, website, facebook, radio and T.V. are all tools to impart the good news of Jesus Christ.  I will personally pray over your finanial gift and I commit to pray and believe God for your health, peace, prosperity, salvation of your loved ones and for you to fulfill your destiny!

   For every person that is saved, healed, and set free, our partners share in the reward. In 1 Samuel 30:24, 25, a spiritual law was established that guarantees that those who send are entitled to as much of the reward as those who go. According to Philippians 1:7 you are a partaker of the grace (anointing) that is on this ministry. I believe in miacles! If you need prayer, email me today and I will personally pray for your specific need. We're commited to you and to Israel, infact we support an orphanage in Israel with your help. Thank you for becoming a partner with us! 

Partners ask for your discount on our product table, when you attend one of our meetings!