"The Power of Praise & Worship" ​is the culmination of numerous

 in-depth studies and eighteen years of worship ministry. The teaching

 topics include: "Praise & Worship", "The Seven Hebrew Words for Praise",  "Praise: Faith in Action" and "The Power of Praise & Worship".

 *Included is a dynamic worship service!

   4 CD Set  $25 US

 "The Seven Feasts of the Lord" in this series, Rev. Deke Silverman 

 takes you in-depth historically, contextually and in the original Hebrew

 to unlock a deeper understanding of the 7 feasts of the Lord. The feasts  include: "Passover", "Unleavened Bread", "First Fruits", "Pentecost",

 "Rosh Hashanah", "Yom Kippur" and "Sukkot".

​ 4 CD Set $25 US

The Powerful teaching of

   Deke Silverman 

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